Sonnet 2

Our game of digital chess gradually unfolds,

In green pastures English roses still bloom.

Hope, like a vine, fastens me in its hold

And your scene I am forced to consume.

Rewind to the night you caught my eye,

I find a bright mind that might mend mine.

As you dance the artworks come to life,

At then we align and I fall in line.

Our droplet of love plumbs the depths,

You are far fairer than life is.

Teaching me healthy living and the steps:

To bring an end to each of my vices

We learn to let small ripples escalate,

And our two pink hearts soon tessellate.

Between Shall Meet

A puddle, a river, a lake, an ocean

I look up from my reflection

To see you reflected there

You look up just as I do

Our eyes locked across the water

Beyond you, fires rage

Your wings are aflame

You take a step into the water

A step towards me

And I take a step towards you

Our eyes entwined, trance-like

Your ebony body ablaze

You encroach further

Behind my shoulders

I feel the heat from my burning backdrop

I wade closer to you

You are deep

Your dress drenched

Your body wet

We meet underwater

A meeting of minds, hips, hands and lips

The flames can’t engulf us here

Patience is Worth Waiting For

I heard patience makes a man

There are many things I want to say

There is terrain to be explored

Real estate to be made of thoughts

But patience makes a man

And I wait

I learn from a history of mistakes

Living tomorrow today

To evanesce is the way

If you want it all beyond a day

So, I wait

And say patience makes a man

I’ve outgrown my youth

Where everything is haste

I’m working on my virtues

All I need is love

So, take my hand and I will not rush